Crown Media LLC is a full-service web design, and branding company specializing in custom-built websites, SEO, social media marketing, and creative copywriting

Why Us?

When you partner with Crown Media LLC, you’re guaranteed a fully functioning website that will reach your target audience and help increase your company’s online presence like never before. As a result of working with us, your brand will stand out in the increasingly competitive online marketplace.


We cater to an array of industries ranging from law firms to real estate agencies, medical associations, universities, ministries and other business entities worldwide. Most of all, we’re committed to helping businesses grow!

More About the Owners

From Manuel :
Since I was a kid I would play with color papers, crayons for hours and hours.  As a teen I found out there was a computer lab, I even got the job as the cleaning person, so that I could get close to those computers, I came from Costa Rica to the  USA in 1996 so that I could pursue my passion as graphic designer. I started learning html, web design, editing commercials, and now we are involved on helping people with their branding.

We enjoy looking at the entire picture, studying the objectives of our clients, their goals, their potential growth, creating strategies that will allow them to connect with new clients. It is so satisfying for us  to see the opportunities and different ways to communicate across all platforms and to make an impact in the business world.

I would say . . .  to be true to yourself, most of the people don’t enjoy what they do, they do it because of the money, but inside they feel empty because they are not following their passions. I use to be a people pleaser. Everyone close to me knew what I should do, but I started listening to my own heart and my talents, and found the reason I live for, we love encouraging people to utilize their talents to make the world a better place. Create things, don’t destroy them. Invest on people and and some how some way you will see a return coming back to you.

We are very passionate with our work, we enjoy taking care of our clients, helping them and guiding them to make life decisions that will impact their lives and those around them.  We love seeing transformations in people’s business. Everything is possible.

Lori and I have been married for 11 years! I meet her at my church, I started going to visit her church, I remember one time I played guitar and sang a song in spanish for her and that’s when I got her attention, and she let me take her out on a date, and two years later I asked her to married me. She said yes! We have been assisting many companies, non for profits, and entrepreneurs ever since that, we enjoy working  together.

Our Leadership

Manuel and Lori Corazzari are the current Owners of Crown Media. They are also volunteer Pastors at East Chicago Church in Indiana. They love volunteering and creating programs that help the community. They also have a passion for motivating the youth to go after their dreams. Visit www.eastchicagochurch.com

Crown Media TIMELINE

Crown Media has evolved. The best way to share our experience is to present our timeline of events:

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